Uncovering Inspiration / by Jennifer Davey

prepping the painting "Uncovering" to take to The Lone Tree Art Center-November 16th, 2013-January 5th, 2014.

prepping the painting "Uncovering" to take to The Lone Tree Art Center-November 16th, 2013-January 5th, 2014.

At this time last year I had my studio at The Fort Collins Museum of Art, I was working full-time at The Cupboard, teaching a class at The Murphy Center, and squeezing in time to paint.  I was also in the very beginning stages of making some pretty big changes.  Today in the studio, feeling both very inspired and peaceful, I realized just how many changes I have made.  I also realized these changes are reflected in the painting Uncovering, which will be at The Lone Tree Art Center from November 16th, 2013 through January 5th, 2014.  I haven't looked at the painting since June, and was amazed by its energy and luminosity.  I thought it the perfect time to reflect back on some events and thoughts that inspired both the painting and life changes.  

A few excerpts from my studio journal and an abbreviated time-line:

12.14.12: drawing contour line + gesture portraits of the studio space-considering/evaluating what I need/want 

1.22.13:  I have moved out of my studio and temporarily into our apartment.  I am excited about the changes to come as well as a few months of concentrated study without rent and First Fridays.

1.25.13: Attend opening of Red/Yellow/Blue at The Clyfford Still Museum.  Inspired by this Still quote "I can think of no other way for a serious artist to achieve his ends than by doing what I did-to show that this instrument, the limited means of paint on canvas, had a more important role than to glorify popes and kings or decorate the walls of rich men."  Also, blown away by Still's PH 893-a stunning, breath taking, all-encompassing yellow.  

I directed my attention to color, fascinated by its ability to have its own presence and power. I began painting small color studies and reading Color A Natural History of the Palette by Victoria Finlay and Color, A Workshop for Artists and Designers by David Hornung.

In late May I re-visited the Red/Yellow/Blue exhibit and started working on a 48 x 48 inch panel in yellow.   

6.5.13  Moved the yellow painting from our tiny living room to the patio to work through its final iterations.  Felt a sense of space and expansion.

6.10.13 I gave The Cupboard notice that I my last day would be August 15th.   

6.11.13 Ran into friends that had a friend looking to rent out a studio space in her backyard.

6.15.13  Visited the studio space.  Incredible.

6.16.13  Said yes to renting the space starting in July.

8.19.13 Arrived for my first full day in the studio.

11.11.13 Worked on yellow, orange, and red squares and a field of large yellow-excited about this because it is becoming more luminous and muted at the same time.  Then wrapped up the painting "Uncovering"  for the Lone Tree Art Exhibit.  Excited.  It is a beautiful painting.  

I feel very lucky to spend my days painting.  I am inspired and excited to grow as a painter and am amazed at how much has transpired in less than a year!