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Quiet by Jennifer

Veil, 48" x 48", oil and chalk on panel, 2012

Veil, 48" x 48", oil and chalk on panel, 2012

Quietby Susan Cain, is my new favorite book.  Impassioned and informed, I feel that opening the pages of this book have reminded me who I have been since birth, an introvert.  Growing up in America, I have learned many fine skills to navigate my way through an extroverted landscape where one is always encouraged to sell yourself, be gregarious, make your own way, and do, do, do.  However, Cain's eloquent descriptions of being in love with ideas, re-charging by being alone, avoiding conflict, and listening to the world around as it spins magnificently, all resonated with my inner-being.  It has clarified my resolve to become the artist I would admire.  And this does not happen in the fray and din of everyday life.  It happens alone, facing myself, each and every day, and painting, painting, painting.   To have let go of my studio turns out to be the perfect first step to begin an intense focus on my craft.

On March 1st from 6-9 p.m., I will share three paintings at Valhall Arts  created over the last year that point in this direction of quiet solitude.  A recognition just recently realized, that my soul had known sometime is time to focus.  It is time to release any outer distractions and truly get down to the work of being a painter.   I suppose it sounds kind of strange to have an exhibition to kick-off the beginnings of being a recluse but I guess its about as strange as giving up a studio to become a better painter.  Paradox...true fuel for the creative spirit.

Quiet: paintings by Jennifer Davey

Valhall Arts [201 S. College Ave, Plaza Level #2, Fort Collins, CO 80524]

March 1st-March 25th, 2013

Opening Reception

Friday March 1st 6-9 p.m.