Art and peace / by Jennifer Davey

Jennifer Davey, Peace, 2008, 24 x 72 in, oil, chalk and pencil on canvas, held in private collection                                              

In my own life, I used art to transform difficulties that have arisen. I have come to realize that my art-making is very process driven. It is an alive and active conversation that allows me to explore and contemplate the nature of my existence. Joseph Beuys made the comment that everyone is an artist. I think that this strikes true. Not that everyone will become an artist as their vocation, but that at our core, we are creators...creators of our thoughts, our world, our opinions, our perceptions and our life. This awareness and the skill of creating a true relationship with ourselves and others seems to me an absolutely essential ingredient not only for a life well lived, but for a tool to creating peace, within ourselves, and in the world.