small studies

Studio Log by Jennifer Davey


This week was a busy week with limited time in the studio. However, I completed these five small studies. I love this format of experimentation. The palette this week was intense, blacks and pinks-which are colors showing up in my larger paintings as well. I love the contrast of the traditionally feminine pink with the intense mystery of black. 

I also have been reading. I am re-reading Kandinsky’s “Concerning the Spiritual in Art”  This text so influenced how I think about art-making. It feels good to return to it. I also am researching other readings and artists of the early 20th century in Europe. I want to know my roots in Abstract painting. I am also questioning so many things. Why do I paint? Why do I paint abstractly? What do I love? What speaks to me? What makes my soul come alive? 

I love the Netflix series Chef’s Table. This week I watched an old episode about Sean Brock, and then serendipitously was loaned a copy of his cookbook “Heritage” the next day! What I love most about his story is his search for the ancestry of both Southern food as well as his deep embracing of his own family traditions. Although I am not a chef, I am inspired by the parallels of returning to your roots in order to create something fresh, grounded, and inspired.  

I also keep returning to this beautiful quote by poet Stanley Kunitz

”It’s curious how certain images out of life-not necessarily the most spectacular-keep flashing signals from the depths, as if to say ‘Come down to me and be reborn.’ The words that reveal when they’ve made that descent, when the mind is shaken, come up wet and shimmering and alive”