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This week in the studio…

I was excited to complete the above painting. As yet untitled, I love the up and down nature of the black and pale blue collage.The idea of a stairs resonated with me, as a metaphorical stairstep of spiritual growth and awareness, that sometimes leads you up into a space of profound awareness and also down into struggle. Both aspects are critical to self-acceptance and awareness. I will let this painting sit in my studio for a few weeks to listen for any further additions it may need, but for now, I am satisfied with its evolution.


I have also been exploring line and drawing. Cy Twombly has always been an influence so I have begun to research more about him. I love his free and expressive line, and as I have been experimenting with line more, I have come to the conclusion that line is directly linked to voice. My desire is to draw more and more to clarify my own voice. I discovered two interesting things about Cy Twombly. He would often place a line of poetry on his palette while working, in order to provide a continuous point of focus for his painting. Also, while he was in the Army in the 1950s, he would draw at night in the dark, creating his own version of the Surrealist automatic drawings. The elongated forms of these early drawings are the seeds to his future work. You can learn more here. I have been drawing at night as well. It is cool to see what the drawings look like in the morning! I love drawing, particularly contour line drawing. I also love writing. These night time drawings feel like mini-meditations. Through these drawings, I am studying the connection between drawing and writing thoughts as a means to transform awareness.

Night drawing, after Cy Twombly April 8, 2019 Jennifer Davey

Night Drawing, After Cy Twombly, May, 7, 2019 Jennifer Davey

Night Drawing, After Cy Twombly, May, 7, 2019 Jennifer Davey

Returning Home by Jennifer Davey

“My purpose in painting and life is to transform the root of violence caused by ignorance”

-Jennifer Davey

Today is a poignant day for me. It is the opening of the exhibit 5 Locals at my alma mater, Colorado State University. The work I am sharing in this show all centers around violence. It explores both the personal and public impacts violence has on our souls, our creativity, and our joy. This exhibit feels like an amazing return home as it was in art school at CSU in 1999, when a dear friend was murdered. In a recent conversation with a close friend, I realized it was a story that I rarely shared in relation to my art making, despite the fact it was the reason I understood art’s power. She helped me see that this story in fact revealed my purpose as an artist and that sharing this story was a means of honoring my friend. Violence occurs at so many different levels both in our society at large and within our individual beings. I believe this is not normal, nor is it how we were designed. In sharing this story, it is my hope that it will shine a light on violence and its terrible impact. Violence interrupts our true nature, impinging on our joy and our ability for connection and creation of a meaningful life.

5 Locals: Jennie Milner, Joe Norman, David Young, Madeline Wilson and Jennifer Davey

September 25, 2018 to November 3, 2018 | Opening Reception Sept 25 4:30-6:00 pm

Jennifer Davey: Artist Talk October 9, 2018 12:00-12:40 pm Curfman Gallery

Curfman Gallery, Lory Student Center, Colorado State University 80523

STUDIO LOG: October 23, 2017 by Jennifer Davey



Studio tour wrapped up this weekend. One of the best gifts from this studio tour was the number of times different visitors unintentionally reminded me about projects I had been working on but had left behind for various reasons. It was like this little whisper of inspiration each time someone said, what about...? Or tell me about this painting...  One visit in particular has inspired direct action. A couple saw the painting "Joy" in my portfolio. This painting has found a home, but it sparked the conversation about my desire to create a copy of this painting. I have taken the opportunity of Artworks upcoming Square Foot fundraiser (Friday November 3rd at Artworks) to re-ignite the study of this painting. I am making a 12x12 inch and 24x24 inch study of the painting "Joy" as a means to study the form of this painting, with the ultimate goal of creating a full-size 48x48 inch re-creation of the painting.  There are so many wonderful questions that arise by copying. Is the original or the copy more valuable? Can discipline and study create joy? Is spontaneity essential to the life of the painting? In the image above you can see layer two of the process. I will be working on and posting about this painting as it develops. Below is the final version of the original painting "Joy". 



Joy, 2016. Oil, chalk, and collage on panel, 48 x 48 inches. Jennifer Davey