Studio Log / by Jennifer Davey


This week in the studio…

I was excited to complete the above painting. As yet untitled, I love the up and down nature of the black and pale blue collage.The idea of a stairs resonated with me, as a metaphorical stairstep of spiritual growth and awareness, that sometimes leads you up into a space of profound awareness and also down into struggle. Both aspects are critical to self-acceptance and awareness. I will let this painting sit in my studio for a few weeks to listen for any further additions it may need, but for now, I am satisfied with its evolution.


I have also been exploring line and drawing. Cy Twombly has always been an influence so I have begun to research more about him. I love his free and expressive line, and as I have been experimenting with line more, I have come to the conclusion that line is directly linked to voice. My desire is to draw more and more to clarify my own voice. I discovered two interesting things about Cy Twombly. He would often place a line of poetry on his palette while working, in order to provide a continuous point of focus for his painting. Also, while he was in the Army in the 1950s, he would draw at night in the dark, creating his own version of the Surrealist automatic drawings. The elongated forms of these early drawings are the seeds to his future work. You can learn more here. I have been drawing at night as well. It is cool to see what the drawings look like in the morning! I love drawing, particularly contour line drawing. I also love writing. These night time drawings feel like mini-meditations. Through these drawings, I am studying the connection between drawing and writing thoughts as a means to transform awareness.

Night drawing, after Cy Twombly April 8, 2019 Jennifer Davey

Night Drawing, After Cy Twombly, May, 7, 2019 Jennifer Davey

Night Drawing, After Cy Twombly, May, 7, 2019 Jennifer Davey