Jennifer Davey in her studio at Artworks Loveland

Jennifer Davey in her studio at Artworks Loveland

“My purpose in painting and in life is to transform the root of violence caused by ignorance” -Jennifer Davey

In 1999, I experienced the murder of a close friend. I was an art student at the time. My friend was murdered right across the street from my home. Swiftly and without warning, my world was turned upside down. Angry and adrift, the experience of loss was raw. I created out of the sheer need and desperation to find order, a horizon line on which to stand. In this process, I found the transformative power of art. Art provided a means to gain insights, transform, and to heal.

The intention I have for sharing my story is to reach your heart in order to quell violence. One vein of my artwork explores the different faces of violence, both individually and collectively. Another vein explores  emotions, intimacy, and the soul. Violence is the shadow side of intimacy. In our current society, violence is so embedded in our culture that it feels abnormal to see violence as abnormal. Yet this is what violence is, abnormal.  It is a cancer on the human experience, robbing individuals of their birthright to creativity, joy, connection and intimacy. 

I create paintings in order to give pause and reflect on violence and the deep impact it has on our full expression, happiness, and connection to the world.  I also create to remind us of who we are. For if we remember who we are at a soul level, it is impossible to harm another being. My sincere hope is that in experiencing my paintings, you will slow down, you will see, you will feel, and you will remember that you are much more than your constellation of worries, daily habits, and cloak of personality. And in that recognition, you will walk away with a little more kindness and care toward yourself and others. 

My work is held in multiple private and public collections and has been exhibited both regionally and nationally. My studio is at Artworks Loveland, in Loveland, Colorado. My Bachelor of Fine Arts was completed at Colorado State University in Sculpture, where I also obtained my K-12 art teaching license and a minor in Japanese. 

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