Artmap Fort Collins is a painting that was created on site at The Fort Collins Museum of Art for the exhibit Artistic Eye on History: Fort Collins at 150.  Artmap Fort Collins is both a singular whole as well as complete in seperate pieces. The individual sections were available for purchase and Artmap Fort Collins was seperated into 49 individual sections at the end of the exhibit and dispersed to collectors. In collecting a section of Artmap Fort Collins, you know that it comes from a bigger whole, and you are a part of that whole,  just like our town.  Artmap Fort Collins creates many original small works so that more people, including those that may have never collected a piece of art, can participate.  Artmap Fort Collins will only be exhibited as a singular painting this once.  

The rest of the story:  In 2011, I asked Angel Kwiatkowski, owner of Cohere, LLC, if she might be willing to sponsor my studio for The Fort Collins Studio Tour 2011.  She generously said yes, and a back of the napkin brainstorming session ensued.  Ever guided by Cohere's tagline, be independent together, we discussed how to do something similar in art.  We discussed making a painting about Fort Collins and then Angel had the idea to create it as a whole and then divide it into small pieces for sale.  I envisioned an aerial map and we were off and running.  We were both excited and I had big ideas to present at the 2011 Fort Collins Studio Tour.  

Snapshots from June 2011 Fort Collins Studio Tour out-lining the ideas behind Artmap Fort Collins.

The idea for Artmap Fort Collins continued to percolate as years went by...

Suddenly in July 2014:   The Artistic Eye on History: Fort Collins at 150 exhibit at The Fort Collins Museum of Art provided the perfect venue to create Artmap Fort Collins.  The museum staff enthusiastically said yes, and with the idea already clear in my mind, I was ready to go!  

If you would like to see the completed Artmap Fort Collins, stop by the Fort Collins Museum of Art between July 24th-September 28th, 2014.  Museum hours are Wednesday thru Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday and Sunday noon-5pm.  Admission is $4 for adults and $2 for students and seniors.

Snapshots of the process of creating Artmap Fort Collins July 15th-July 19th, 2014